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Please contact Haley to book an appointment in her Brisbane clinic. Haley uses pathology, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, dietary advice and a range of treatments to best suit your individual needs. Specialising in Skin Health & Acne, Mental Health, Digestive Problems, Diabetes Support, Chronic Conditions, Weight Management & General Wellbeing._PJP0456

What can you expect when you book an appointment?

Haley treats clients with many different health conditions, particularly chronic conditions. She will utilise pathology testing to help piece together the puzzle of your body, including Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to assess for toxic metals & levels of minerals; IgG/IgA/IgE food allergy testing; neurotransmitter testing; kyrptopyrroles and many others. Her motto is ‘test first – don’t guess’ because pathology testing allows accurate results of what is going on inside the body, which is the thing that we can not see with the naked eye. Haley may or may not refer for pathology testing, depending on your health condition.

Haley will spend an hour to an hour and a half in an initial appointment to gain a deep insight into you as a whole – including digestive system, sleep, stress, energy, pain, current & recent health conditions and family history. It is helpful to bring any supplements currently or recently taken, and a copy of any recent pathology results.

You may or may not be prescribed supplements, depending on your individual needs. These are discussed on an individual case base, taking into consideration your budget, health requirements and results of pathology testing. She likes to think that less is best, and when prescribing supplements Haley does not overload one’s system with a multitude of things – which is often why people are referred to her. The clinic has a MediHerb liquid herbal dispensary, Australian Bush Flower Essences dispensary, and range specialty practitioner-only supplements including Metagenics, Orthoplex, MediHerb & Eagle Nutrition.

As docere (doctor as teacher), Haley will assist clients in moving forward to a healthier lifestyle while explaining and educating at every step of the way. Haley is happy to work with any other health care professionals and/or specialists as part of a holistic treatment.



Mostly booked out and unavailable for bookings for seminars at this point in time due to high clinical demand. Haley can run nutrition & health seminars for clients of other healthcare professionals who may benefit from nutrition/naturopathic advice alongside the advice of the professional, such as Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists. Her main focuses are on why supplementing is important, what to do to enhance the service that a therapist or trainer is currently offering, holistic fat loss and also healthy snacking and meal ideas.


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