Only the best for Kitty {food to help nourish the gut of our precious felines}

Only the best for our kitty! I stopped by the new Pet Barn at North Lakes and came across the Wellness brand of cat food  – corn/wheat/soy free, no meat by-products, no artificial colours/flavours/preservatives. Happy kitty indeed, see, she loves them already!

If you need nutrition advice for your cat or dog, I can highly recommend Ashlea & Melissa there at the Pet Barn, they are super helpful!

It turns out that cats and dogs can be wheat/gluten intolerant, just like us! I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time imagining a cat or dog wandering around the wild eating grains of wheat & oats. They naturally eat meat as the main part of their diet, with some bones, perhaps some egg and the occasional grass or flower.

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